Friday, April 1, 2011

Guardian's of Virtue

I am the YW President in my Ward here in Philadelphia. It's a really hard ward to serve in...probably the hardest ward I have ever been in. Our ward is in the inner city of Philadelphia, and we have a LOT of converts and a LOT of members. About a fourth of the ward are grad students, and the rest of the ward are local, converts to the church. Unfortunatly, a lot of our members struggle with church attendance. Only about 150 members our of 800 attend church frequently. So, as you can imagine...we have a lot of challenges with getting our youth to go to church and activities.

Last week, I got to go to the YW general broadcast with a bunch of our Young Women. A lot of the girls are BRAND new to the church and so this was really exciting for them. They all had their sheets of paper and pens ready to take notes! It was so nice to see them get dressed up and get excited to hear the speakers. The speakers were great too! One of my favorite parts of the broadcast was a song the YW sang, "Guardians of Virtue". I thought they did a great job, and I loved how quiet the chapel was when they sang and the tone they set for the meeting.

I plan on teaching this song to my young women for a musical number in church, and for Night of Excellence!

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hi, nice to meet you. you have a beautiful blog.
I am from venezuela, at this time I was called to serve as a YW 1st conselor, it's a hard work because there is nobody who plays piano nor any instrument, and i would love to teach this beautiful song to all YW called "Guardian's of Virtue", I have translated this song into spanish but I wonder if you can help us to get the piano accompaniment of this song, soon we are going to have our camp and i think its a great idea to sing it.
please, let me know if you can help us, my email is:

best regards